3 1/2" Shutter

By far our most popular size, the 3 ½" Louver gives you a more contemporary look and more light due to the wider spacing between the slats.

  • 3 1/2 inch plantation shutters with a 2/3 divider rail split. 3 1/2" interior shutters with a 2/3 divider rail split to give this homeowner more privacy. With the bottom of the shutters closed and the top of the shutters open, light is allowed in but not prying eyes
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3 1/2" shutters are by far our best selling shutter. When talking with clients we often find that the 2 1/2" shutters are too small and the 4 1/2" shutters are too big. Over the years we have found that 3 1/2" shutters normally account for 67% of our annual shutter sales. The reason is that the 3 1/2" shutters are just the right size for almost any window and give a more contemporary, open feel than the 2 1/2" shutters.