4 1/2" Shutter

Don't sacrafice your view!! Need protection from the sun's harmful UV rays and still want a great view? The 4 1/2" shutters are the only way to go.

  • 4 1/2 inch shutters with split pull bar. 4 1/2" shutters with split pull bar. We did the single panel design shutter to give the maximum view.
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The 4 1/2" plantation shutter is the largest louver that we offer. These look great on big windows or on windows where the view is key. The 4 1/2" plantation shutters are more contemporary and provide a nice uncluttered look on big windows. We recently did the NC State Alumni Center in Raleigh and they had 12 foot tall windows. The 4 1/2" shutters were the only way to go and the job turned out great. If we had used the 2 1/2" interior shutters the windows would have been too busy. Also, a lot of companies cannot make a 12 foot tall shutter. NC State called us and it was not a problem.